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Natural-looking tooth fillings in Armadale

We’ve helped hundreds of patients in Armadale, Kelmscott, Seville Grove and Byford to restore a healthy and confident smile.

Let us help you to restore your smile

Whether you have a broken, chipped or cavitated tooth, we can use tooth fillings to restore the tooth’s structure. If you need a lot of fillings and repairs, or want to replace old tooth fillings with new aesthetic repairs, Acorn Dental Centre can maintain a natural appearance of your teeth.  

The majority of our tooth fillings are made onsite at our clinic in Armadale from a resin-based material called composite. Our experienced dentists will match tooth fillings to the colour of your teeth to ensure invisibility and a beautiful, natural-looking smile.  

Call us today on 08 9497 4777 to find out if tooth fillings are the right option for restoring your broken or cavitated teeth.

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