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Restore broken teeth with our dental crowns in Armadale

Whether your teeth have become worn and uneven or you’ve lost teeth due to ageing or an accident, Acorn Dental Centre in Armadale can give you back your full smile. We use tooth-coloured dental crowns and bridges that can be matched to the rest of your teeth to ensure they stay unnoticeable.

We’ve advised patients in Armadale, Kelmscott, Seville Grove and Byford on the best course of action to take for restoring a full, natural-looking smile. 

Dental crowns

woman with a porcelain crown

A dental crown is a porcelain or metal cap that is made to cover the entire surface of a tooth.
Aside from cosmetic purposes, crowns are generally fitted when the tooth in question is damaged too much to benefit from a normal filling. 

Whether your teeth are badly decayed, have suffered trauma, or have previously been heavily filled, there are various reasons why a crown might be the best choice for you. Acorn Dental Centre can provide the following dental crowns to suit your needs and preferences:

  • Porcelain dental crowns
  • Metal dental crowns
  • Ceramic dental crowns

Dental bridges

dental bridges

A bridge is an effective option for replacing a missing tooth. The procedure involves putting crowns on either side of the missing tooth and joining it with a false tooth. This not only provides a better aesthetic result but also improves your chewing function.
The colour of the bridge will be matched to your existing teeth to give a natural appearance. If you look after your dental bridge through good oral hygiene and routine dental appointments at Acorn Dental Centre, it should last for well over a decade. 

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about dental crowns and bridges.

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