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Pain-free root canal treatment in Armadale

Root canal treatment is carried out when the pulp or nerve inside your tooth has become infected, which can lead to inflammation and pain. Tooth trauma, severe decay and heavy wear and tear are all common reasons why an infection can occur. Root canal treatment is the only solution to removing the pain and restoring the tooth, and that’s where Acorn Dental Centre steps in.

When left untreated, an infection can cause severe pain, abscesses and in some cases, irreversible damage to the jawbone. Acorn Dental Centre strongly recommends that you get your infected tooth treated immediately to avoid further debilitating problems.

We’ve relieved patients from discomfort in Armadale, Kelmscott, Seville Grove, Byford and the surrounds, and restored hundreds of teeth with pain-free root canal treatment. 

To find out if an infection is causing your discomfort and you need root canal treatment, call us on 08 9497 4777 today.

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