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Affordable, high quality dentures in Armadale WA and the Hills district


A crown is a porcelain or metal cap that is made to cover the entire surface of a tooth. This may be necessary to protect teeth with large fillings, cracks or root canal treatment.

The procedure to make a crown usually involves two appointments. At the initial appointment, the tooth is prepared and a mould of your teeth will be given to the laboratory. This enables the technicians to make a crown that is a unique fit for your tooth. A subsequent appointment will be booked for the crown to be cemented in place.

It is important to keep the new crown clean with regular brushing and flossing to protect it from damage by decay.

Dentures Armadale WA

A denture can be made to replace several missing teeth. Dentures come in two different materials: chromium-cobalt (metal) and/or acrylic (plastic).

The procedure to make a denture takes at least three appointments. Moulds of your teeth are given to the laboratory to make a denture that uniquely fits your mouth. Subsequent appointments will be made to try-in the unfinished denture and make adjustments. Once we have achieved the optimum fit, aesthetic and comfort, the denture is sent to the lab to be completed.

It will take time to adapt to wearing a new denture. It is important to follow the denture care instructions to keep your new dentures clean and maintain a healthy mouth. 

At Acorn Dental Centre we can provide you with dentures that fit perfectly in to your mouth. Dentures are removable so you can put them in and take them out whenever you need. There are two types of main dentures that we can provide for anyone, of any age:

  • Complete dentures which act as a replacement to your full set of teeth at the bottom or the top of your mouth. 
  • Partial dentures which replace just a few or even one of your missing teeth. 

    Either way, we will make them look natural and as if they were your very own. We make sure you are fully satisfied in aesthetics, function and fit, so you can have a complete smile forever more. Contact Acorn Dental Clinic for quality service and affordable Dentures in Armadale WA.

    Dental implants

    Dental implants offer the same solution as dentures, as well as acting as a permanent replacement for your teeth’s natural roots. A hole is drilled into the jaw so that posts can fit perfectly into place. 

    Your replacement teeth are then attached to these posts whether you need one, a few or a whole arch. Our dentists will discuss which treatment is best needed to suit your individual needs. 

    Dental implants are effective alternatives to dentures and bridges, provided you have enough bone to hold the implant posts. If looked after properly, they should last you a lifetime. 

    Make your smile complete

    Millions of people are affected by tooth loss and it is important to replace them when the time comes. Otherwise, you could experience bite problems in the future when the teeth next to your gaps start to move. The most effective way to deal with missing teeth is to have dentures or dental implants. They offer a long lasting, strong and cost-effective solution, making them the ideal replacement. If you have experienced tooth loss in the Armadale or the Hills district, we are here to help bring your confidence back.

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